• Don’t know If you ever update your articles, but if so, please consider adding to your list of the best sites to Understand and Analyze your Dreams… http://www.dreamdoctor.com. It takes a scientific approach to dream interpretation. All of its information about dreams is baased on the largest database of dream in the world. Its creator, Charles McPhee, has 3 published books on dreams, hosted a nightly nationally syndicated radio talk show (in the US), and his popular website has been providing credible information about dream longer than any of the others on your list. The site features over 1,000 pages of free information about dreams, audio/video clips, a dream dictionary, hundreds of the most common dreams and their interpretations, and an automated dream response. Mr. McPhee also has an extensive background in sleep disorders, having monitored tens of thousands of hours of sleep for sleep labs, including the National Institutes of Health. He is uniquely qualified to distinguish between real dreams and occurrences during sleep, which many mistakenly believe are dreams, but are often reflective of sleep disorders.

    Even if you unable to update your article, we wanted you to know about http://www.dreamdoctor.com. We hope that you’ll check us out.

    Thank you for your time.

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