You Can Now Follow Quora Topics on Twitter

In November, TechCrunch noticed that Quora was mass-creating Twitter accounts, and was told that it was for a feature to be launched in the future, for following individual Quora topics on Twitter.

The good news: the feature is now live! You can now follow topics of your choice on Twitter from your Quora settings.

Quora Settings

In the Why Is Quora mass-creating Twitter accounts on Mechanical Turk question, Quora engineer Belinda Gu responded:

There are now official Quora Twitter accounts for the majority of topics on Quora, e.g. q_startups, q_food, q_quora.  Each topic Twitter account tweets out a stream of the new questions being asked on Quora in the given topic.

If you are connected to Twitter on Quora, you can go to and select a subset of your Quora topics to follow on Twitter.

Quora Questions on Twitter

This is a great move to increase user engagement by Quora and I am sure the early-adopter community of passionate Quora users will be delighted with this feature. It also highlights the increase in the popularity of Twitter over both email and RSS as a way to follow news updates.

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