The Centralized You: vs. StoryTlr

The news of FriendFeed being bought by Facebook does not change things for a large number of users who did not find it very useful. In my previous What FriendFeed Is Not post, I had discussed this section of disillusioned users of FriendFeed, who tried to use it as a place for centralizing their online presence. I suggested that these users were better off using or StoryTlr instead.

So how do these services compare? Both and StoryTlr:

  • Aggregate your blog posts, photos, etc. from multiple services
  • Provide a ‘Centralized Me’ home on the web
  • Lifestream your activities around the web
  • Provide an RSS Feed of your Lifestream
  • Allow you to backup / export your imported data
  • Support Disqus commenting
  • Support adding Google Analytics for tracking site traffic
  • Both are committed to open standards – you own your data
  • Your sites are ad-free on both services
  • Both allow you to automatically cross-post from other services to Twitter offers the following unique features:

  • Open ID (This is the #1 requested feature under consideration at StoryTlr)
  • Free “.mp” domain
  • Sophisticated Contact Management – imports your contacts from various networks, allows you to group, manage, export them
  • ‘Personas’ – provides different view of your site/lifestream based on different groups of contacts
  • Supports importing from 7 sources – Yahoo, Flickr, Hotmail, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and any RSS Feed.
  • Minimal, basic mini-blogging support

In contrast, StoryTlr has the following, which doesn’t:

  • Lot of flexibility in page design and layout
  • Has a few useful built-in widgets, you can create your own custom widget
  • You can easily add ‘Pages’ to your site
  • Mashup your data into ‘Stories’
  • Exactly the same view of your site for everyone (unlike
  • Complete control over CSS layouts of your site
  • Full blogging support includes all HTML including embed, script, etc.
  • Offers lifestream and story widgets you can use on your own blog
  • Browser bookmarklet to share anything directly on your StoryTlr site
  • Supports importing from 16 sources – Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google Reader,,, Picasa, Qik, Seesmic, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Vimeo, YouTube, and any RSS Feed.

These are from my own observations, so do correct me if I’m wrong. I hope this comparison helps you decide which service is better suited to your needs.

I would love to know which one you prefer!

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