Stop your Facebook Friends’ Quizzes from Invading Your Privacy

Sarah at the ReadWriteWeb has written a nice article alerting you to What Facebook Quizzes Know About You.

Let's be clear: we're not talking about your quizzes, probably you never indulge in any of those (like me). Even then, when your friends take quizzes, your privacy is being invaded. Huh? How can you stop this? Here's how.

Go to Settings->Privacy->Applications. Switch from the Overview to the Settings tab.

Uncheck all the boxes there. If you have never linked any external application with Facebook, and never used any application inside Facebook, you can also opt to choose the second option – Do not share any information about me through the Facebook API.

This is very important because Facebook applications do not need to have a privacy policy in place. Which means any developer can write a quiz or game application and when any user runs it, the developer has access to all of that person's friends on Facebook. This is about to change, but will likely take a long time. Your privacy is more important than that.

Posted via from SkepticGeek’s Posterous

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    Mahendra – facebook security is a serious concern re: privacy issues. A good friend of mine actually wrote a facebook app called privacy mirror ( that shows you whats visible to an application. He has written quite a bit about facebook and its privacy issues on his blog at –


  • Thanks, fastdots! This is really interesting, I will surely check it out.