How to Selectively Show FriendFeed Tab in your Facebook Profile

With a lot of FFers now starting to use their FB accounts for both personal and FriendFeed connections, here's what I found useful.

Most of my non-FriendFeed Facebook friends don't know anything about FriendFeed. So, I wanted to hide the FriendFeed app tab from my profile for those Facebook friends. At the same time, I wanted my FriendFeed and web-savvy connections to see the FriendFeed tab, so they could easily see my FF activity stream. Here's how you do it on Facebook:

1. As a first step, create a Friend List in Facebook for all your FriendFeed friends. I've called this FriendList "FriendFeed". Add all your FF friends to this list.

2. In Facebook, go to Settings, Application Settings. Edit the settings for the FriendFeed application.

3. In Privacy, Select Custom. Then choose Some of my friends, where you can type the name of your Friend List, in my case, "FriendFeed". OK to close the dialog.


Now, only FFers see the FriendFeed tab, everyone else doesn't see it at all.

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