Facebook Lite Hands On Review

I spent 15 minutes checking out Facebook Lite. Here are my initial observations:


  • No Status Box for updating your status in the default view
  • Top links do not have a drop-down menu
  • No left nav-bar box
  • Right Panel has no Requests, Suggestions, or Highlights
There are two versions of your feed. The default view is “Top Stories”, and you can change to “All Stories”.
Show Top Stories
  • All items in home feed have comments
  • No items without comments appear
  • No items with likes that don’t have comments appear
  • Entry from Games do not appear
    • Even if they have a comment (Apologies to Heather for testing this with her Crossword puzzle solution!)
  • Entries with a single comment do not appear
    • Two entries (from Keith) with one comment each did not appear
    • This suggests that the Lite version works like FriendFeed’s Best of Day
  • Facebook Lite includes entries from
    • Facebook Photos and Video Albums
    • Bookmarklets
    • FriendFeed
    • Posterous
    • Pikchur
    • There will be more, I’m sure
    Show All Stories
    • Entries from Games did not appear
    • Audio entries from Blip.fm did appear
    • Audio sent via Posterous did not appear
    Profile and Inbox Page
    • Simple Status Update Box – Write, Post Photos, Post Video
    • Simpler Edit Profile view
    • Simpler Inbox
    • Not done yet in the Beta
    Facebook Lite seems like the Best of Day feature of FriendFeed. It certainly doesn’t seem to be a Twitter-killer, and is nothing more than, well, a Lite version of Facebook that should work well with slower Internet connections. It will also appeal to those who like an uncluttered view of Facebook minus the apps, games, suggestions, and invites.

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