An Experimental Facebook Friend Cleanup Algo

I had over 500 so-called Facebook friends, and I realized that I was getting more and more uncomfortable sharing something with all “Friends”. This led to creation of custom Facebook lists, and choosing lists to share every update. What ensued is the headache of keeping all the lists updated. I needed to simplify things.

Everyone has different ways of using Facebook and neither one of them is right or wrong. I just had to decide how I am going to use Facebook, in the way it makes it useful for me. Thus, I ended up with this process:

  • If not recently added,
  • If not a blood-relative,
  • If ex-colleague connected on LinkedIn but not a personal friend,
  • If never met in real life or never want to meet in real life in the future,
  • If “See Friendship” shows no other interactions besides “Happy Birthday” for over 3 years,
  • If profile and timeline photos do not include a single personal photo,
  • Unfriend.

This is a human process, so the algorithmic AND/OR are unnecessary. It seems to work so far, I am already down to <400.

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  • The thing is there is not single app that I can use to select and batch-unfriend. The manual process is very laborious and time consuming.

  • vaibhav gupta

    Your way of presentation is nice..i appreciate it..
    i am new in blogging field so just spending time learning..

  • That is intentional. Facebook does not want you to unfriend anyone.

  • Sure, thank you.

  • I know, and it’s working bloody well for them. 🙁

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