LazyFeed: First impressions

I got familiar with Hyperactive Feed…er, LazyFeed, via Louis Gray's excellent demo.

I love the service. It helps me get targeted RSS feeds in real-time. I no longer need to hunt new RSS feeds to add to my Google Reader.

Here's one tip for new users: I tried to combine tags in several ways to get more focused results, but the usual techniques didn't work. What if you want to get RSS feeds that specifically are tagged both Facebook and Twitter, or Windows and Linux?

Solution: In the entry box at the top: enter Tag:Facebooktwitter or Tag:Windowslinux – it works. No spaces, no comma.

My wish list for LazyFeed:

1. In my Create-Share-Discover-Collect model, there is no way for me to share or collect from within Lazyfeed. At present, LazyFeed is simply Consume.
2. Use Google Reader as the starting point. At present, LazyFeed let's you start with your Twitter account, Delicious bookmarks, Flickr account, and Blog tags. I expect early adopters who will participate in the public beta will have their own favorite feeds setup in Google Reader and the like. IMO, supporting an import from them is vastly more important than Twitter and Flickr.
3. I'd like LazyFeed to go beyond importing feeds from Google Reader. Integration with Google Reader, Friendfeed, and Twitter has been one of the main reasons for Feedly's success. LazyFeed can trump all of these, because of it's killer USP: Discovery.

Once the Share aspect is added to LazyFeed via integration, a promising future looks certain to me.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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