Skeptic Geek: Now on Facebook!

Though I prefer Google Reader and Twitter as my news sources of choice, many others use Facebook. Skeptic Geek Logo 75x75

A few weeks back, I decided to experiment with Facebook Like buttons on all my blog posts. The results were very surprising. Earlier, many of my posts became popular because they were shared by some influencers on Google Reader and Twitter. However, Facebook has surprisingly remained a significant source of readers.

More importantly, since Skeptic Geek is platform and company agnostic, posts become popular on different networks depending on the content. For example, my post on Is Windows Live Delivering What Google Buzz Promised? took a critical stance on Google, was not shared by any influencers I know, but has almost 950 shares on Facebook (at the time of this writing).

This is why I decided to put an end to my neglect of the Facebook Platform, and have chosen to leverage it. I remain platform agnostic, and will continue to be impartial in my critique of the social web. This is just another way of letting my readers have more choice in their preferred way of reading Skeptic Geek.

If you wish, you can become a fan on Facebook here.

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  • The Facebook 'share' number is a bit weird. Every comment and like to a shared item is treated as a separate share. I figured this out when a post of mine on my gaming blog got 140 odd shares, when 40 is the average. Turns out, there was a lot of discussion on the post at FB, and that many people did not share it. FB fan pages that way acts like a forums and can be quite effective in engaging an audience, at least from my own experience.

  • I'm platform biased, no Facebook for me. Sure I may lose a few readers, but I never really got many from Facebook anyway. My friends there didn't share my love of startups, web/tech, or coding. It was just a big picture and snoop fest with an overcrowded interface (the mobile UI was slick though).

  • Thanks for the info, Bala! Need to dig more into this.

  • Mark,

    I didn't think my kind of posts would resonate with people on Facebook either. The thing is, it is not our Friends on Facebook who matter when viewing it from a publisher point of view. It's the friends of people who like our posts who matter.

  • Ah yes, that clears up the rationale well.

    Friends of likers 😀

  • marfi

    I have now skeptically faned you 🙂

  • Thank you! 🙂

  • marfi

    I have to thank you for writing such masterpieces. Can I order an article, I am dying to know what are the real needs of the real-time content curators and what are their real struggles, what solutions they crave for, what will make them happy. Any insights?

  • I feel honored by your kind words, Martin! Thank you.

    As for the insights, keep reading! 🙂