Adding My Restaurant in Google Maps

For fun, I decided to add my restaurant in Google Maps. I found out there were two things I could do – add it as a Local Business via Google Maps, or use Google Mapmaker.

Adding Local Business to Google Maps

After logging in to my Google Account, Google Maps let me add a business listing from the left sidebar itself.

Add Google Local Business Listing

I could correct the location marker position easily by dragging it on the map. After entering all the relevant details like contact information, restaurant details, etc., I am done. Now comes the funny part – how does Google verify that I am indeed the owner of this business?

Google Local Business Center Validation

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Google – the symbol of our high-tech age, the epitome of cloud computing – will send me a postcard via snail mail! I get a radio button (option button) but there’s no other way to choose. Can’t they verify simply by calling up on the telephone numbers I’ve provided?!

Google Local Business Listing

So now, I’ve to wait for “2-3 weeks”, and after receiving the PIN via snail mail, I get to verify and add my listing. I remember the last time I had to register for Internet Banking after opening a bank account in India!

Curiously, there’s a nice little feature that’s not prominent while using the Local Business Center site – Coupons! Coupons are not as popular in India as in the US, but because of the booming IT sector and entry of multinational (read American) pizza-majors, they’re gaining widespread even if limited use. Using Google’s Coupons, you can add a few lines of text, set an expiration date, and you’re good to go. Neat stuff.

Google Local Business Coupons

Adding to Google Mapmaker

Adding to Google Mapmaker is simpler. Google Mapmaker seems to have a Wikipedian content authoring and moderating system.

Hotel Yash in Google Mapmaker

After adding all the details, I now await for the moderator to approve my entry. Phew, no snail mail this time!

Now, I wonder if there is anything like Google Analytics to find out how many ‘hits’ my restaurant had on Google Maps – that would really be an interesting proposition…

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  • Hey, Mahendra, how else could Google verify the authenticity of the address you specified??
    But congrats, soon you’ll be ‘up there’!

  • Thanks, Priyank!

    Google says the verification can be done by Phone, SMS, or as a last resort, by postcard. And it’s not an India or non-US issue as this blogger registering an Indian address shows.

  • You are a restauranter? . Would never have guessed since this is not America, good to have you back, had missed you. Lot of things interest me here, now am of to school, wd come home and read and comment. In the meanwhile keep in touch if you would.

    I am not a writer or reformer, don’t write ‘intel’ stuff but I write about me, my life and basically the point is to connect with friends – my way of socialising – so do drop in and talk to me when you can. Twd be nice.

  • Well though I have a map saved on my pc of your restaurant, now I know that if my pc crashes I can check it out on google maps!

  • Neither am I a writer nor a reformer! I like simple honest writing. Will surely be in touch!

  • Good….but the million dollar question remains – when are you coming? 🙂

  • Just discovered that you are back writing. Pleasant surprise!

    Would love to visit your restaurant next time i am in Pune!

  • Hi Amreekandesi, welcome back and thank you!

    Please do visit and let me know whenever you’re planning to be in Pune!

  • Anonymous

    The funny part is that Google never checked to see who the real owner of the restaurant is.

  • Dominica Hotel

    This can be a really quick process or really long and hard. A tip is to make sure that you have all the info totally correct right away. If you keep coming back to EDIT you can get lost in a sea of duplicate entries that will hound you for ever. As they are deleted you will see a phrase that says … User had been denied in the past” I am sure that will Google being Google … that will cont against you someday.