2010: A Year of Blogging, Curating, and Sharing Tech News

It was exactly a year back that I wrote about A Year of Change and New Beginnings, sharing my professional background and how the road looked ahead. At the time, I didn’t know that the photo I used for that post would turn out to be so apt for the year 2010. It has been an incredible ride!

Blogging at Skeptic Geek

In 2010, I wrote a total of 52 blog posts, meeting my target of a post per week. There have been many occasions where I faced writer’s block and felt stuck, but managed to push myself.

Except on rare occasions, I do not cover breaking news on this blog, preferring to share insights, opinion, and analysis. The recently created Facebook Page has just over 160 fans at present. I am happy that there are over 1000 RSS Subscribers to this blog, compared to about a 100 a year ago!

Also, I am grateful to the leading tech blogs who’ve linked to my posts (including TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, GigaOm, TheNextWeb, and Mashable) as well as the countless individual bloggers who’ve been kind to do the same.

Top Posts in 2010 (Page Views)

  1. Googler’s Take on Social Networking Reveals Chinks in Facebook’s Armor (15,657)
  2. EveryDNS.net Terminates Wikileaks.org DNS Services (9,676)
  3. Is Windows Live Delivering What Google Buzz Promised? (7,138)
  4. Get Buzz with RSS, feed to Facebook/Twitter (3,871)
  5. Google Buzz + Reader + Twitter + Facebook = Noise (2,566)
  6. The Evolution from Numbers to Relevance (2,508)
  7. Mapping Startups & Services Filtering For Relevance In A Matrix (1,505)
  8. Google Already Has An Invisible Like Button For Google Me (1,405)
  9. Optimize Google & Google Reader for Widescreen in Chrome (1,195)
  10. How I Live and Breathe Google Reader (1,118)

Curating at Techmeme

I have been privileged to spend the whole year working full-time as an Editor at Techmeme. The team of Editors is great to work with and there is so much I keep learning from Gabe.

This job also brings me in touch with many of the top tech bloggers, who continue to amaze me with their speed and sheer prolific output of posts they write. This is an amazing community of hard-working folks who dedicate themselves to breaking tech news and I am happy to be part of it.

Sharing on Google Reader and Twitter

In March, I described how I use Google Reader. At the time, about a 100 people followed my shares. Today, over 700 people follow my shares on Google Reader, and I am grateful to all of them.

Google Reader Sharing Stats

In July, I described how I use Twitter. The increased number of followers, list memberships, and Klout Score isn’t that important to me, as is the increased engagement I have continuously witnessed on Twitter. The most important metric for a curator is how many people actually click the links I tweet? Compare these stats from July 2010:

To these in 6 months, in Dec 2010:

Bitly Stats Dec 2010

Gratitude and Wishes!

As I have shared above, this has been an exceptionally exciting and productive year. None of this would have been possible without your continued support, encouragement, and feedback. Some express their appreciation publicly, others do it privately. I am sincerely humbled and grateful for all the feedback that comes my way.


I hope you too have had a great year, and here’s wishing you Happy Holidays and a Great New Year 2011!

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  • Lovely. Keep up the good work. Needless to say, it keeps people like me well versed with what’s happening around the tech-world and brings me news that would interest me.

    Also, I am extremely pleased that I belong to the list of 20 people you follow on Google Reader. It’s definitely something to brag about. 🙂

  • Thank you, Prasoon!

    Thanks also for your shares on Reader, keeps me on my toes…:)

  • One word: Thankyou. Keep up the good work!

  • Matt, thank you and you too keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Happy Holidays, looking forward to 2011.

  • Love the way you curate. Best wishes for all future endeavors. Keep rocking.

  • Time flies when you’re having fun and its clear you derive great satisfaction from your work. It’s been a fantastic year in tech news and identifying the longer lasting trends.

    This years big focus, social connectivity and personal relevance. What will next year bring?

  • Thanks, Mark. You’ve been the top commenter on my blog this year and I am grateful for all your feedback.

    I think personal relevance has been a focus for startups this year, and 2011 will see filtering and relevance being adopted by the mainstream big players. Social will continue to dominate like never before.