HootSuite Throws Seesmic Desktop Out Of The Ring

I have two Twitter accounts – @SocialGeek, which I use for tech stuff, and @Palsule, which is personal and everything non-tech.

I have been using Seesmic Desktop since Seesmic Web doesn’t support multiple Twitter accounts yet. I am not a Facebook fan so don’t need Facebook support in my Twitter client. I used Tweetdeck initially because of the following features:

  • Support Multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Support Groups with ability to sync across browsers and platforms (I dual-boot between WinXP and Win7 and use all browsers since I write tech stuff)
  • Support creating Groups mixed with people I follow from both accounts
  • Create custom Search columns
  • And several others like trends, video, etc. that I didn’t use

Tweetdeck was very slow, so I switched to Seesmic Desktop. It was lighter and faster, but didn’t support Group Sync.

Now, I’m using HootSuite in a dedicated full-screen Chrome window. It supports all the above key features and:

  • Takes half the memory – Seesmic with AIR 110K, HootSuite in Chrome 55K (see attached screenshots)
  • Provides stats for those who’re interested
  • And finally, I can get rid of Adobe AIR

Now, I’m waiting for Seesmic Web version to support multiple Twitter Accounts.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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