5 Suggestions for Twitter’s Whom To Follow

Here are 5 suggestions for Twitter’s “Who To Follow” feature, that I have seen being mentioned in the Twitterverse:

  1. Avoid users who have set tweets as Private
  2. Avoid users who haven’t tweeted for past 15 days or have less than 10 tweets overall
  3. Avoid users I have added to Lists
  4. Avoid famous celebrities everyone knows
  5. Avoid users I have followed and unfollowed before

Twitter Who To Follow

These simple things will improve the effectiveness of Twitter’s suggestions greatly.

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  • Avoid users who have blocked me, or whom I have blocked

  • Not suggesting blocked users is a great idea. Thanks!

    I believe the 2nd is already in place? Are suggestions shown again even after they’re rejected?

  • Anonymous

    6. Avoid users I have already unfollowed, or at least unfollowed recently, they haven’t become more fun to follow overnight 🙂

  • Not sure how that’s different from #5, marfi? Maybe I’m missing something.

  • Anonymous

    I missed to see the comments first 🙂 My bad.

    Well, Block user is one thing, I believe when you block someone you do not receive and friends retweets of what he says. Unfollow is totally not blocking someone, it is just unfollowing that person.

  • Still not clear 🙂 I was referring to #5 in my blog post, not the above comment.

  • Great points.

    I can’t believe they recommend private accounts. That’s pretty hopeless.


  • Yes, it showed me some folks who were rejected (on the home page) …

  • Ability to add suggested users directly to a list without having to follow them.

  • That’s a nice idea. I suspect Twitter wants to increase its ‘follow’ relationships and is hence neglecting Lists, so this might be intentionally left out.

    Thanks, Mayav!