How to move Posterous to Your SubDomain

Since I’m impressed at the rate at which Posterous is introducing new features, I decided to stick with my Posterous blog and see how the platform matures. However, I wanted my Posterous to be a part of the Skeptic Geek website. It turned out to be quite simple.

1. Create Subdomain

From my BlueHost Control Panel, I created the sub-domain

SkepticGeek Subdomains 

Do not use any redirection.

2. Add CName Record

The CName Record should look like this: IN CNAME

In my case, BlueHost does not allow users to create CName records, so I raised a ticket to get it done.

3. Specify SubDomain in Posterous

In Posterous site settings, add the subdomain name.

Posterous Subdomain


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