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The fashionably insignificant phone call

Read blogs, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, or Twitter feeds of technology gurus and geeks, and you will find a recurrent declaration: “The phone app is the least used app on my smartphone.” This statement is made with a certain pride, … Continue reading

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Social Media Makes Brands Care More About Their Brand Than Their Customers

There are specialized conferences on ‘social media marketing’. There are zillions of presentations providing ‘insight’ into how to manage your brand in social media. There are panel discussions to debate how to do it best. There are revered international gurus … Continue reading

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PR Strategies & Resources for Indian Consumer Startups

Every other day, I get LinkedIn messages, Facebook requests, emails, and Twitter mentions from sincere entrepreneurs or PR professionals about featuring their startup on Techmeme. I cannot possibly continue to respond to each one individually, hence this post for reference. … Continue reading

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